Life 365 | Week 34

On a completely off-topic subject. I am just so thrilled that Netflix has a bunch of the older Disney movies. Mulan, Tarzan, The Sword in the Stone - YES! Anyway, Emma did great at daycare this week. According to the teachers, she is doing well with that little bit of formula mixed in with the breast milk. Happy baby, happy mama!

Last night (this morning technically) there was a 6.1 earthquake South West of Napa, not too far from San Francisco. It woke me up at 3:20 am so I in turn woke Paul up with a (not so calm), “GRAB EMMA!” She was fast asleep and I proceeded to peel myself off the ceiling to check Twitter. I’ve lost track to how many earthquakes I’ve experienced. There is the initial, WOAH, then the, Eh, All In A Day. They keep talking about the eminent “big one” - but who really knows when that one will happen? 

Here are last week’s Life 365 photos.

EIGHTEEN This girl and her baths. She loves ‘em. 

NINETEEN The upside to Emma’s adorable squirming is the adorable part. The downside is all the blurry photos that follow the adorable squirming. 

TWENTY So graceful Emma, face planting right into your lamb. 

TWENTY-ONE Shoot. This girl is going to get away with everything. 

TWENTY-TWO She’s a morning gal, just like her mama.

TWENTY-THREE Poor baby has her first illness. More on that later. 

TWENTY-FOUR Clearly she’s part bear or meerkat or mole or… you get the picture. She likes her cozy hibernation den.

Have a great week everyone!

(P.S. As I type this, Emma is completely engrossed in Tarzan. It’s adorable.)