Emma got sick and the ground parted

Okay so I can’t guarantee that the earthquake on Sunday morning had anything to do Emma getting sick, but let’s just say it sure felt like the gods were trying to say something.

Basically, miss Emma over here decided to get her first cold. And of course, by cold I mean, OH DEAR LORD, SHE’S SICK, ALERT THE AUTHORITIES, CLOSE THE ROADS, CALL IN BACKUP! The official diagnosis was an upper respiratory virus.

To all you moms and dads out there, I have a feeling you remember the first time your child got sick. But you probably also know that he or she subsequently got sick twenty million more times in those early years, so you’re all - meh, all in a day. But as this was my first child’s first illness, it felt like a pretty stinkin’ big deal. I probably cried 30 times, offered up incense to God, did a rain dance, and prayed 20 Hail Marys.

Thursday night she didn’t seem completely like herself - she seemed a little more needy. Friday evening she was very warm, had a lot of congestion, and was quite fussy. But Friday night/Saturday morning she woke up and I knew something was wrong. She had a high fever and was very upset. Of course, I had 15 panic attacks until I figured out how to breathe again. We let her sleep with us so I could monitor her. 

Poor baby was so brave at the hospital.

When morning came her fever was even higher so we decided to take her in. OF COURSE, being early on a Saturday morning, her doctor’s office was closed and there was no open Urgent Care. We took her to the Children’s Hospital ED. 

Although she didn’t appear to have anything more serious going on, I am glad we went. It was nice to have the reassurance. Plus, I have asthma and as a child I would get flare ups whenever I was sick. Thankfully, Emma appears to be healthy in that department. Thank goodness for Paul’s genes. 

We spent the rest of the weekend just taking care of her symptoms. She took lots of snuggly naps and we had some interesting times sucking all that glorious snot out of her nose and sinuses. If you have heard of the Nose Frida, you know what a life-saver that is. 

It’s Monday evening and she is feeling a lot better. She’s her normal, happy self again and besides residual sniffles, she is almost back to tip top shape. Now mommy can breathe again, WHEW. Should I stop doing the rain dance yet? 

It’s exhausting taking care of a sick one.

Paul stayed home with her today so that gave me great peace of mind. Dear Emma, let’s not get sick again any time soon, mmkay?

How do you deal with your child’s illnesses? Do you have any tricks of the trade to soothe your little ones?