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Favorite toys at two years

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As I was tucking Emma into bed for this afternoon's nap, I noticed the piles of stuff she had in her bed that she insisted go to sleep with her. But not just in the bed, but tucked under the covers. I know something is important to her when she wants to take it to bed (you know, just to make sure it stays close #toddlerlogic). Usually it is some combination of her favorite stuffed bear, her favorite baby doll, a book or two, and her cloud pillow. But sometimes it is other, less cuddly stuff - just this morning she was trying to bring her tricycle onto her bed. God speed tiny dancer.

So I thought I'd share some of her favorite toys and supplies that she is currently #obsessed with and uses every day now that she is almost two. If you do not care about toddler toys, then feel free to peruse my non-toddler related topics. Um, they are somewhere... in the archives... maybe... um, what did I used to talk about? 

This baby doll is her number one favorite thing ever. She got a hand me down one from her cousins and it goes everywhere she goes. She cuddles it, she feeds it, tries to diaper it, and reads stories to it (excuse me, her). Emma is clearly a nurturing little lady and I hope this love and care translates to the human baby come August. And we also learned (the hard way, vomit ew) that it can go in the washing machine so yay!

This table and chair set from IKEA is the coolest. It will grow with her for many years and it is sturdy enough to take a beating (I can sit on the chairs without worrying), light enough that I can carry/push all three pieces no problem, and inexpensive enough that I am not worried about it getting marked up. It is where daily tea parties and coloring sessions are held.

These two books (here and here) are daily reads (multiple times per day, completely memorized, etc) around these parts. We read them to Emma before bed every night and she reads them to her baby doll throughout the day. Melt my heart why don't you! 

Emma got this tea set for Christmas from Paul's parents and it has become a daily favorite. She sets her table at least twice per day and always remembers to pour a cup for Paul and me. She puts in the cream and sugar and says things like "tea!" and "mama dada" and "all done". What I love about this set is that it is sturdy, dish washer safe, and virtually unbreakable. Score. 

This scooting tricycle is a newish addition to our household. She rides it every single day, all over the house, and sometimes into her bed. Its wheels are good for indoor and outdoor use and folds flat if need be. It's for ages 1-3 so we still have some time with it. She pretty much screams when I have to carry it down our stairs rather than her riding on it all the way down. Safety Sam is my name and party pooping is my game. 

These markers people. THESE MARKERS. What did people do before mess free stuff? Oh Crayola, I heart you. Emma loves to color, paint, and draw but I am a helicopter/hawk-eyed/crazy person when it comes to craft time. With these, I feel comfortable taking my eyes off her while she scribbles on Minnie Mouse's face. The markers are sturdy and don't dry out easily and the special paper is reasonably priced. When I can sit with her or we are at restaurants I give her the other markers or crayons, but these mess free products are my jam.

What are your favorite toys and products for you littles? At any age. I'm all eyes.

Sleep stalking at its finest eh?