PinkBlush, my new favorite dress, and a giveaway

Guys. GUYS. I have discovered the most gorgeous dress and I am pretty sure I'll be wearing it every single day from now on. 

My friends at PinkBlush sent me this incredible wrap dress and I could not wait to wear it. I was so happy wearing this dress to church on Sunday that I twirled and twirled in front of my house, almost made us late, and even Emma wanted to join in. 

I looked like a complete goof twirling in the rain but I felt so pretty that I could not help myself.

When I was telling my husband about the clothing's ease of transition from maternity to postpartum, he told me, "That's great and saves women money when they don't have to buy the whole shebang." Hahaha, yes very true honey. 

Between my mom life and my dentist life, I sometimes forget to nurture the woman in me. Thankfully, PinkBlush has reminded me that I can wear all my different hats and still maintain my sense of self. 

And now for some great news! You can too feel like a goddess in one of your own PinkBlush pieces. Head over to my Instagram to enter a giveaway with PinkBlush. 

Currently coveting / 1

Back in my college days, you could usually find me strolling the mall on a free afternoon. I have always found window shopping and browsing Nordstrom {my favorite department store} to be very calming and a good place to do some thinking {anyone else?}. Since moving to San Francisco, I haven’t had as much time to do my long afternoon mall strolls. Plus, the atmosphere in downtown SF is not conducive to leisurely strolls with a pastry and a coffee.

I’ve had to resort to a lot more online shopping, which isn’t my favorite, but it still works. I’ve put together a little wish list in this new series. These will make you say, oo la la

1 :: I’m pretty sure this purse needs me. This color is delicious and it’s a perfect sized handbag.

2 :: I love earrings - they are definitely my signature statement item. I want these in every single color. Oh Kate, you are perfection. 

3 :: I love my iPad mini and I still can’t decide on the perfect case for it…until I saw this beauty. Yes please! 

4 :: These need to be in my closet. I LOVE ballet flats and these Tory Burch flats are a forever classic. 

Sigh. A girl can dream. 

My simple beauty routine

Thursdays are usually my busy day. I have clinic all day and I usually schedule my most difficult procedures on Thursdays because I’m with my clinic coach. I’m up bright and early and it’s go, go, go until dinner. 

It got me to thinking about my beauty routine. I have to keep my routine simple - for time purposes and for my sanity. I like to get up about an hour earlier than I need to actually be out the door because I like to spend most of my morning making and enjoying my breakfast and allowing my body time to wake up but it’s only about 15 minutes of that is actual getting ready. Therefore, my beauty routine is really simple. I can do my whole face in about 5 minutes, then I usually throw my hair up in a sleek pony tail, get dressed then head out the door. 

First, I wash my face and put on moisturizer with SPF. Then I do my eyes, face, and finish with my lips. For my eyes, I do a subtle cat eye with eye liner in either navy or brown. I then curl my lashes and add about two coats of my favorite mascara in very black. A curler is necessary because I have pretty short lashes. Then, I use BB cream for my face {the best face product in my opinion} and then use a little bronzer for my cheeks. And lastly, I put on some tinted lip balm for a hint of shine and color.

My goal is always neutral simplicity. For me, it’s not about covering up my face, but enhancing it. I like to look polished and put together for everyday without even looking like I’m wearing much make up at all. I usually enhance the eye liner for a dinner date or add a bold lip color for special occasions.

What’s your daily beauty routine? How do you mix it up for special occasions?

Hair inspiration

So I’m getting my hair cut on December 28th right before I leave for Hawaii. I’ve been needing a trim for a while but I think I want to do something a little more drastic. I’ve read that you shouldn’t get a style that requires daily maintenance when you’re pregnant and about to have a baby, so I think I’ll go with a cut that can be styled when I want to take the time and drawn back into a pony tail when I don’t. 

My hair is very long right now and completely unmanageable. Between the pregnancy hormones, the thickness, and the length, all I can do is throw it up and out of my face. I want a style that can be worn down comfortably but works with my natural texture {wavy/curly}.

These beautiful ladies are my hair inspiration.

1 // 2 // 3 // 4

I want to go with a below-the-shoulder length with long layers that can be styled with either subtle waves or soft curls. I also want swooping bangs that can be hidden in the rest of the cut or blown out in front to look more like traditional side-swept bangs. While this won’t be the most drastic cut of my life, I definitely want a shorter style with more bounce. I will definitely need my hair thinned out as well. I cannot wait for my appointment! What do you think about these looks?

Stay tuned on Instagram and Facebook for pictures of my new style!