Surprise romance

If you know Paul and me as a couple, you may know that we aren't big on twice-per-year displays of romance and gift-giving, but rather we show it all year long and don't make the biggest deal of it come holidays. (We're sappy and we know it.) While we definitely make it a point to exchange greeting cards (my thing you know) on birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, etc, we tend to give gifts and have romantic and/or celebratory dinners year round. 

Promotion at work? Dinner date!
Emma slept through the night? Party time!
Work had leftover pastries in the break room? Doughnut date day!

So when a holiday like Valentine's day rolls around, I don't usually expect a gift. A sweet note? Absolutely. But I don't need much more. Mostly because Paul probably did something romantic and surprising the week before. He's a peach.

But this Valentine's Day, he surprised me with a fun day in the city. We hadn't been back to SF for any significant time since we moved so I was just excited to see our old favorite spots and maybe catch some lunch. Little did I know, Paul had planned a special and romantic day. (Pity party time: After the horrible, no good, terrible first trimester slump I had, I was extra ecstatic to put on some make up and enjoy a day out with favorite peeps.)

I'm not the best at allowing surprises just happen. Just ask my mom from my years of snooping under the Christmas tree or my God father and my perfectly curated "gift I want this year" emails. But last weekend, I just went with the flow and I am glad I did.

We stopped for lunch at one of my favorite San Francisco restaurants, Zero Zero. Best pizza, best drinks (unfortunately didn't get to enjoy this time), and best olive oil I have ever had, drool. 

Apparently I command a lot of attention. 

Lesson learned, never ask Emma to look at the camera. Or Paul for that matter.

The only picture we got together. Like my subtle Valentine's Day outfit?

We enjoyed a DELICIOUS lunch and exchanged cards. Emma even got one too.

This photo would have made me get pregnant if I weren't already.

Our makeshift bib was a huge hit. She's going to go rob a train next.

The second leg of our date was a trip to Victoria's Secret. Paul knew I have been feeling so blah and frumpy and wanted to buy me something feminine and special. He always reminds me that I am beautiful, but sometimes a gorgeous navy blue silk robe helps get the message to sink in.

While I was more than content with my surprises up until this point, Paul had one more in store for me. I was all smiles for miles and girly giggles. 

Hello lover. 

And because he knows me oh so well, he actually gave me a gift card and let me pick out my own present. Be still my heart.

After many minutes of perusing, a diaper bomb which could be smelled for miles, Emma's handprints on every glass surface, I landed on this beauty and I haven't taken it off since. Well, I had to take it off for surgery, but they made me!

And the driest hands ever. I sure know how to keep the marriage hot.

Romance looks entirely different in the movies to how it looks in my marriage and I wouldn't have it any other way. In fact, I am positive that Hollywood needs to follow real married couples around to get some more inspiration. Kissing in the rain? So passé. How about taking out the garbage without being asked or playing with the toddler so mama can have some quiet minutes in the bathtub or a quick little butt squeeze when he wears my favorite jeans? Now that is movie-worthy. Paul still shows his love in very Paul-ish ways and I swoon every time. He is sweet and loving and he speaks my love language. This summer we celebrate our five year wedding anniversary and I wonder how we'll celebrate.

What does romance look like in your relationship?