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Good news!

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Can I get an amen!?

This past July, I went from part-time to full-time at the community health center where I have been since April of 2016. My first job out of dental school, I took to it immediately and have developed an overwhelming and passionate commitment to public dental health care. 

At this point, nearly three years out of school, I know where I am meant to be -- serving my community, providing dental health care to the underserved, and providing for my family. The Holy Spirit has lead me to this place in my career. 

With that, I am pleased and grateful to announce that I have been hired as Associate Dental Director of La Clinica Transit Village Dental Clinic. It is a tremendous honor and responsibility. I look forward to leading the already spectacular team of dentists, assistants, and administrative staff. Not only will I continue to serve my patients, but I will get to contribute to the management and direction of my clinic. 

I aim to serve our community with respect, care, and compassion. And I am floored by warm reception by the staff. I officially start my new role tomorrow, so please, say a quick prayer for wisdom and grace as I transition.

Good news

God is so good.