5 Things You May Not Know About Me

1I have a terrible phobia of horror movies.

I cannot even watch the previews for horror movies. I watched a few horror movies back in high school and I still have nightmares. I can handle suspenseful movies but if there is any plot point involving ghosts, possessions, demons, blood baths, murdering sociopaths, creepy children, etc, I will FREAK OUT. I get sick to my stomach and my heart rate sky rockets. I will cover my eyes and plug my ears during any scary previews. I will stick to romantic comedies, fantasy, and action genres thank you very much. 

2I have a circle of freckles under my right eye.

My freckle circle is a little less than 1 cm in diameter and gets more visible when I spend more time in the sun. I’ve always been a fan of geometry. 

3My toes are very dexterous.

I can pick up and manipulate very small things and open doors. My husband especially loves it when I pull his leg hairs hehe (he really doesn’t love it). I am particularly proud of being able to grab a mug off the coffee table and then being able put it back without spilling. I can flare and spread all my toes and it really creeps some people out, but hey, it’s like having extra hands. 

4I LOVE musicals. 

My mother has home videos of my father and I when I was about 4 years old singing every Sound of Music song together. I have loved musicals ever since. My mother used to sing songs from musicals to my sister and me to put us to bed. Paul humors me sometimes and watches them with me but complains that I just end up singing along the whole time. Some of my favorite musicals are The Sound of Music, My Fair Lady, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, and Calamity Jane

5My favorite TV show of all times is Friends and I have memorized every episode. 

Although I was very young when the show first started, I started watching Friends on TV around the 7th season. My mother was a big fan and I have this wonderful memory of the season 8 finale where Rachel had just said “Okay” to Joey when she thought he proposed to her and then Ross gets off the elevator with flowers headed towards her post-labor room. HOLY MOLY, THE FEELS. My sister, mother, and I were screaming “NOOOOOOO” and I was so upset that I had to wait for the start of season 9 to happen. Since then I have seen every episode of the series at least 20 times (not an exaggeration). My sister and I would pass the time on long road trips by repeating lines from episode after episode with my mother howling with laughter in the front seat.

So I hope that you learned something new about me. I am pretty open about my life if you have any questions or would like to know more. :] 

Have a great Sunday tomorrow everyone!

(Inspired by the lovely Joelle)