5 Things You May Not Know About Me {part 2}

Happy Weekend! WEEEE! Who has Monday off? THIS GIRL DOES. 

Every once in a while, I like to offer up a few tidbits about myself that people may not know or to describe the silly little quirks that I have {it’s fun to get to know people this way}. Recently, I wrote a reintroduction and back in April I wrote my first installment of 5 Things.

1 // I am very competitive (if you have ever played a game with me, you know this). This photo was from our last game night. Natalie and I kicked the boys’ butts in charades! Most of the time I can keep my cool, but every once in a while I go overboard and the game board or deck of cards gets thrown across the room. OOPS. 

2 // I absolutely love watching The World Series of Poker. I know, weird. I look forward to this tournament every year. I get really into it. I yell at the players to make certain bets or if I think a player is bluffing. The final table was this week, it was so fun to watch! 

3 // I hate, ABSOLUTELY HATE, the dried up lotion wad that gets stuck at the end of the lotion pump. I have an actual physical hatred for it. I get the heebie-jeebies whenever it accidentally touches me. ICK.

4 // I vehemently refuse to eat the light or non-fat version of certain foods  {mostly condiments}. Do not give me light cream cheese, light mayo, or light salad dressings. A girl’s gotta enjoy life! 

5 // I believe that movie quotes are a valid form of communication. Anchor Man, Mean Girls, and Legally Blonde - some of the classic quotable movies. 

Let me know if you do a 5 Things post about yourself! I’d love to stop by your blog and read it. 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!