Life 365 | Week 39

Yikes, so you want to know how you shouldn’t start the week? Waking up in the middle of the night sick. NOPE. Nuh uh. This morning around 1 am, I woke up with a start and rushed to the bathroom. I don’t want to horrify you with all the details, but ick, no one enjoys vomiting.

Any who, now that I’ve grossed you all out on a Monday morning (please don’t leave me), here is another installment of Life 365. And let meh tell ya, Emma is one big ol’ star. She’s been doing so many adorable things lately that it’s getting harder and harder to not post 1,379 photos per day of the little munchkin. I’m pretty sure I’ve annoyed everyone on my Facebook and Instagram with all my precious baby gremlin photos. I’ve become one of those people. You know who I’m talking about, the obsessed new mom with the camera glued to my face. I guess we all become our mothers eventually. 

Now where were we? Oh yes, the baby. 

TWENTY-TWOSigh. This girl. Those arm rolls. That eyebrow. Those nostrils? She’s just delicious. What were we talking about again?

TWENTY-THREE Emma has been working on her crawling. But it’s hilarious watching her attempt to crawl in bed with the sheet and blanket obstacle course. I just sit back and laugh. I’m a terrible mama. BABY BUTT. Okay moving on.

TWENTY-FOUR No big deal, she’s just sitting up on her own. *sobbing uncontrollably* Why are you growing up so fast wee one? I guess she likes watching me cry.

TWENTY-FIVE "No mom, it’s an octave above middle C! Try again.“

TWENTY-SIX We went to Paul’s annual work BBQ on Friday and of course, Emma was a hit. We played another round of pass the baby. Emma was obsessed with dada’s swivel chair. She had a blast spinning around. Baby barf comes out of leather right?

TWENTY-SEVEN Here we see the fuzzy pumpkin butt in her natural habitat on the plains of fluffy blankets and the great sea of pillows. Let’s follow her movements. 

TWENTY-EIGHT Emma became fussy (dang teething) at church but what do ya know, they had an awesome cry room where they were video streaming the sermon and Emma got to hang out with the other babies. Win-win. How did I not know about this? Emma is pointing out where the evil milk teeth are beating up her gums from the inside. I’m sorry baby girl.

I have a few days off this week before the start of the Fall quarter on Thursday. I’ll be back at the clinic at school so that will be an adjustment for sure. Grace and I are planning to hit up the outlets this week and do some lunching. Come to mama!

Have a beautifully scrumptious week! Please don’t punch me…