Substance and Soul

Dear Emma and Henry,

MotherhoodSamantha WetterholmComment

To my dear Emma and my dear Henry. My dearest little ones.

You are just little souls right now, with spirit and fire. You are pure energy. You are pure love. You giggle and yell and run and crawl and scream and cry and laugh and jump and clap and hug and kiss.

I am writing this letter to you, as siblings. As sister and as brother. As a little three year-old and ten month-old.

You are siblings. This is a special relationship, one that is to be cultivated and honored.

My wish for the two of you is a simple one. Love each other.

Be friends. Be kind. Listen. Laugh. 

That means lifting the other one up. That means celebrating each other. That means supporting each other.

Share joy. Share food. Share toys. Share memories. Share time.

That means being there in the hard times. That means calling the other out when it's needed. That means praying, always praying, with and for each other. 

Be the one the other calls when there is good news or when there is bad. Cry together. Be there. 

And above all, love each other, always.