Baby Emma | Ten Months

The Chub Master General turned ten months old today. HOLD ME.

Ten months. That’s two months away from one year. That’s almost 365 days. That’s one year minus 60ish days. I can’t math.

This past month has been quite exciting on these parts. Most notably, she took her first steps! I auditioned her for the next Step Up movie, but they said she has a little too much pizzaz for their franchise. Darn.

Emma’s hair is really starting to grow in. She has these killer bangs and a few little curls hanging down next to her ears. She does, however, have a nice looking bald spot right above her neck fold. I am also very proud to announce that she has officially mastered her “no” head shake. Oh wait, not proud, terrified. That’s what I meant.

Emma badger has been enjoying a variety of new flavors including pizza, orange, vanilla yogurt, dirt, her own snot, and leaves. A foodie in the making? I think so. Quite frankly, she seemed most excited about the dirt.

We also celebrated her first Valentine’s Day! We enjoyed a romantic dinner and she serenaded us with her pterodactyl screams when we didn’t let her try our wine. We did let her lick on some chocolate. She’s a goner.

I know! I didn’t know Lady Gaga could sing that well either.

Speaking of music. This girl is all about that bass. She regularly dances, claps, and squeals along with any and all music. She also enjoys standing on her tip-toes so I am thinking a prima ballerina who is first violin and discovers the cure for cancer while being elected president of the world. So no pressure.

One of the sweetest things she does is curl up close to me when she is getting tired. She whispers “mama” over and over and makes sweet sounds and hmmms as she tries to fall asleep. No matter how much sleep I lose, holding her while she falls asleep is one of my favorite things about motherhood.

So much sap.

I need to admit something. Lean in closer. Yup that’s right. This motherhood thing is kind of amazing.

Okay, way too much sap fest. 

PHOTO TIME before you all leave me.

Does anyone know what are appropriate first birthday gifts? Because I have no idea. For some reason, a giant stuffed penguin keeps popping up in my mind. But that’s what I want for my next birthday.

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