8/52 and 9/52

Oh hey, I survived my dental boards. I am still processing everything, so in the mean time here are last week’s and this week’s 52 Project.

For lent, I asked Emma if she would give up making messes. She rolled her eyes and dumped out her box of blocks.

8/52 The force is strong with this one and this photo represents a small snapshot into what our mornings and evenings have come to look like. These past weeks, she has discovered the magic of the ON-OFF switch on her noisy toys. Watching her play and discover has become one of the highlights of my day. A simple toy to me is an endless supply of possibilities for Emma. I only wish I could get a glimpse into what her little mind is processing as she inspects each new tool in her box.

Clearly, all children are born little scientists. They ponder, and wonder, and discover, and experiment, and try, and try again. The wonder in her eyes, the thrill in the discovery, and the infinite nature of trial-and-error is another extraordinarily ordinary moment in our lives.

Breakfast is served! Well, not for you Emma, for me. I am going to eat your little toesies.

9/52 This past week was a stressful one in our home. Well, I was a giant stress ball because I took my dental boards this week. This allowed Emma and her daddy to spend a lot of quality time together lately. But now that I am back above water, I have had a moment to reflect on the wonder that is this little girl. She has really figured out this walking thing and enjoys exploring her classroom. The other morning, Paul dropped the little one off at school and she went straight to her high chair for her favorite meal - breakfast.

I cannot believe that she is nearly one year old. Pretty soon, she will be telling me what she wants for breakfast while we all pass the morning paper around. Just kidding, no one reads actual newspapers anymore. But I am looking forward to our morning routine as she changes and grows.

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