Grammar Girl: I vs Me

This is a big one. Wait for it. I verses me.

This happens to be one of the biggest grammar pet peeves of mine. It must be that my hearing is especially tuned to this particular rule.

So let us clear up this one once and for all (hopefully).

The pronoun I is a subjective pronoun and is to be used as the subject of a verb. Other subjective pronouns are he, she, we, you, and they.

Paul and I made the cutest baby in the universe. (subject of the verb)

Ice cream and I have a special relationship. (subject of the verb)

The pronoun me is an objective pronoun that is to be used as either the object of a verb or the object of a preposition. Other objective pronouns are him, her, us, you, and them

Emma sprayed Paul and me by sneezing in our faces. (object of the verb)

Emma went to Costco with Paul and me and wanted to buy a new flatscreen. (object of the preposition)

This is not optional my friends. 

Have a grammatically correct day!

Write on!