Pregnancy belly {6 months}

Can you believe it? 6 months! Cut to me riffling through my calendars, baby books, and online check-lists freaking out that there are only 3 months left. {I also switched over my pregnancy counting to calendar months after I saw this article on Pinterest that helps converts pregnancy weeks to months. Takes the guess work out of it!}

I’m almost out of the second trimester and we are soon leaving the “honeymoon” phase of pregnancy and my body can definitely feel it. Even so, I have absolutely loved this past month. 

Baby is the size of a head of lettuce and between 1.5 to 2.2 lbs. 

Most of my pre-pregnancy clothes are definitely getting stretched to their limits. I love my few maternity items and will probably invest in a few more soon. 

I am noticing a little more junk in my trunk lately, but Paul says I’m looking beautiful {thanks honey}. 

This girl is done with the cute little fluttery movements and is on to roundhouse kicks and dancing the YMCA in there. She makes me gasp sometimes. Paul and I love watching my belly move. It’s nuts! 

It’s officially started – the surprise belly rubs from people. One minute I’m walking through the clinic, the next I have a couple of hands on my belly. Hello interested person, are you aware that you are invading my personal space? Thankfully, most people ask before touching and I am much more inclined to say that’s A-OKAY. 

Every night I’m at war with my pillows and blankets trying to get comfortable. I have always slept with 5+ pillows but I may need to invest in one of those long maternity-specific pillows. 

I have quite a few items on my maternity to-do list which causes me much anxiety and insomnia. I guess I’m being trained for sleep deprivation. HA. 

Even with the discomforts, this has been my favorite month of pregnancy so far. I hope this next month is just as wonderful. 

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We will be welcoming our precious little one into the world in only 3 months! Woah!