Recipe for relaxation

I am a huge fan of baths. I don’t actually take baths to get clean {that’s what showers are for in my opinion} but I take them to soothe aches, unwind, and relax. Lately, my back has been killing me. That’s one of the toughest pregnancy aches I’m dealing with. Baths have really been helping with easing some of the pain.

Here is my recipe for relaxation.


I turn off the lights, light some candles, and allow the water to soothe my aches and pains. 

1 :: I love to scrub down my dry and itchy skin with this amazing sugar-salt scrub I found at Target. It has a delicious vanilla scent and it leaves my skin moisturized even after I get out of the tub.

2 :: Wood wicks are my favorite type of candle. This one smells heavenly and the crackling sound of the wick is so soothing. 

3 :: I pamper my hair with this Wen cleansing conditioner. It’s pretty pricy so I save it for special occasions. I leave it in for my entire bath and it makes my hair feel incredibly soft.

4 :: I always take my iPad mini with me. It allows me to still read my books with just the candlelight in the bathroom. I just make sure not to drop it. 

My dream house definitely has a huge claw-foot tub. What is your recipe for relaxation?