Life 365 | Week 2

Welcome back for week 2 of Life365! I got back to my normal routine this past week and it was very calming. As much as I love vacation, travel, and visiting family, it’s nice to be back to the comfort of my own home. This past week, I was able to put the Christmas decorations away, restock the fridge and pantry, and dust the whole apartment so I felt somewhat productive. Unfortunately, our birthing class that we were supposed to start tonight was canceled so we had to quickly sign up for another one in February. Oh well, what can you do?

Like I mentioned last week, one of my goals this year is to take at least one photo every day to document this wonderful life of mine. Join Brittney and me for week 2 of Life365 for this week’s photo-per-day link up!



6 // I had another OB/GYN appointment on Monday and good news, I do not have gestational diabetes or anemia! Although, I am pretty fed up with getting poked and prodded all the time.

7 // We went to Trader Joe’s to restock our fridge {I LOVE that place}. I am always mesmerized by the cheese section. Each week, I treat myself to one fancy cheese - this week was a Dubliner white cheddar.

8 // I made my favorite mushroom and gorgonzola pasta. I also paired it with a delicious garlic sourdough bread. I’ve been enjoying leftovers all week too.

9 // Feeling glamorous in my new maternity shirt. I’m loving the comfort of wearing a few real maternity items. This was right before we headed out for an In-N-Out and Krispy Kreme date to celebrate another dental school milestone

10 // Paul and I had another happy hour {at home} date night. I had vanilla coke with grenadine, not quite as fun as the real stuff, but it was still tasty. We paired our “cocktails” with homemade pizza sticks. Mmmm!

11 // Saturday, we made and decorated sugar cookies. I’m pretty sure this was the first time Paul has ever used a rolling pin. 

12 // I am a tea enthusiast and I’m a stickler for properly brewing tea {meaning correct water temperature and brewing time}. I had a delicious jasmine green tea Sunday morning which paired nicely with my french toast and grapefruit.

This week I’m on dental ER rotation so who knows what this week has in store. I hope you all have a great week!


It’s that time again! Week two of the Life365 Linkup!


For this project, I want capture a particular moment in each day that means something to me. I want to commemorate each day with something good, something that no matter how insignificant it may seem to others, it meant something to me.

For week two, I want to see your pictures from January 6-12, one for each day. This week and every week thereafter, you should be able to capture a total of seven pictures, one for each day throughout the week. My hope is that by the end of the year, we can look back on these daily pictures and find that there was at least something good in each and every day

Spread the word and grab a button! I’d love to see what means the most to everyone!


Each month, I will have a new co-host. If anyone is interested, I have openings for the remaining eleven months. Email me if interested!

This month, I have Samantha from Substance and Soul as my co-host. She is such a sweet girl and I am glad to have gotten to know her over the past few months! 

I do have a few little rules that I would appreciate you abide by. 


Substance and Soul


1// Follow your host and co-host.

2// Link up your photos from the week. Not your blog’s main page, please.

3// Hop around and have fun! Visit a few others and see what they have been up too! Not too hard, right?!

Hope everyone has a great week!

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