Pregnancy belly {8 months}

One. Month. To. Go.

Today, I am eight months pregnant and beyond ready to meet our little one! We are still preparing our apartment and getting everything ready for her big debut. I am looking forward to our second baby shower at my mom’s house at the end of March! I am feeling like a stuffed turkey {booo}, but I love seeing her grow. 

Baby is the size of a coconut/honeydew melon and weighs over 5 pounds. This next month will be all about weight gain as her major organs are fully developed.

She has a definite pattern of movements. She usually moves around the same times each day, especially at night when I want to go to sleep. Ha ha, you are so cute little one. 

The only comfortable clothing I can wear are maternity clothes or Paul’s oversized shirts and tennis shorts. Basically, I cannot stand anything pressing on my stomach or pelvis. 

I am pretty much exhausted and achy all the time. Sleep? What’s that? I am looking forward to a few weeks of rest before my due date and everything gets crazy. 

As of my last check up, I have gained about 16 pounds. I have another check up this afternoon, so I will get another update on my stats.

I have been eating my weight in cookies. Seriously, I cannot get enough. It’s pretty amazing how many I can shovel down in one sitting. Should I enter an eating contest or would that be a bit much?

After this week I will start packing my hospital bag and making sure everything is ready. We will be down to the last minute for some things, but hopefully after the shower we will have everything we need. 

I cannot wait to meet you precious baby!

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