A day in the life of the husband / Part 2

Today, in his second post, my husband is sharing a few of his thoughts. Check out his first post here.


Being A Supportive Husband

Each relationship requires different levels and elements of support from the husband. Over the years of our relationship, I have discovered some of the most important ways I can be a supporting hand to Samantha in her personal and professional life. Here are the ways I do this!

Make sure she is fed! Samantha is a workaholic and doesn’t always find time or remember that she needs to eat. Seems silly but this happens to me too! During the week, when I know she is busy studying or has had a long day in the clinic, I know I need to be prepared to either make us a meal at home or get us some take out. It is always recommended to make the decisions on meals before she even asks. Having a plan to make sure she is fed always goes a long way in making a happy relationship!

Keep things cleanly. One of the interesting things I have picked up over the years is that even when I think things are clean, they probably aren’t. Guys, including myself, do not usually see the dirt and grime around the apartment or house. I have learned to always take a second look or just clean over a surface even though I do not see anything. Make sure things are tidy and cleanly around the house is something she will truly appreciate.

Take time out of the day/week to hear what she is feeling. It obviously is important to know how your significant other is feeling emotionally but this isn’t always clear in every relationship. Whether you are extremely consumed by work or anything else personally, it always is necessary to regularly check-in with her on how she doing emotionally. In all relationships, communication is key. The man should show maturity in making sure his wife’s feelings are heard which will make her know she is loved and cared for. This should happen regularly and even if you are unable to provide answers to issues she is having, it is always important for her to have a listening ear.

Surprises! I like to try and keep Samantha on her toes and sometimes this can be a huge challenge for me. One reason for this is my lack of creativity but I cannot let this hold me back in planning regular surprises for her. Whether it is a spontaneous weekend trip up to Lake Tahoe or picking up flowers in downtown on my bike ride home, I believe it is essential to surprise your woman. Make sure you really think about what makes her happy before you surprise her with something. It doesn’t always have to be something expensive but it must be thoughtful! Some of the best surprises I have given to Samantha have been the small thoughtful things.

Like I said in the beginning of this post, these are things I do to be supportive and present in my relationship with Samantha. Each relationship will have their own set of needs and you will need to figure it out and stick to them. It is always important for each person in a relationship to discover what support they need. Your significant other should want to help you in these areas!

Hope this personal insight can be of help to anyone out there.