Substance and Soul

Emma says

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Cake pops for three days in a row.

While hiding under her comforter on her bed for hide-n-seek (not quite grasping the concept).
Samantha: Is she under the bed? Is she behind the curtain?
Emma: No.
Emma: Bed me.

Samantha: Would you like to come snuggle with us?
Emma: (very enthusiastically) HAHAHAHAHA.
Emma: No.

While snoring loudly and soundly in bed for at least ten minutes.
Emma: zzzzz...
Samantha: sneezes
Emma: shoots up out of bed
Emma: Bless you momma!
Emma: Goes immediately back to sleep.

Paul: Emma, you are perfect!
Paul: Say you're perfect.
Emma: I pooped.

After a round of enthusiastic fake sneezes.
Emma: Bless you, me.

After saying our bed time prayers.
Emma: Diss you, Je Je.
(Translated: Thank you, Jesus.)

After she tucked her dino into bed.

In the midst of potty training adventures, Emma sat down on the foot stool to watch me pee.
Emma: clap, clap, clap
Emma: Hooray, momma!

Fighting bed time yet again with a spirited bout of fake crying.
Emma: wahhhh!!!
Paul: Responding with his own round of fake crying.
Paul: If you cry, I am going to cry too!
Emma: Dada! No cry.

Paul: Thank you for making Emma.