My magical mornings

I have always been a morning person and lately, I have been loving my mornings even more than usual. I wake up to my alarm, stretch my arms and legs, and roll out of bed. I gulp down some water and head to the kitchen. I prepare some oatmeal, brew an espresso, and froth some milk. Paul wakes up a little after me and comes to kiss me good morning. 

My morning is filled with quietly sipping my cappuccino and sitting with my hand on my stomach. I feel the baby’s morning movements just as she wakes up and picture what body part I’m feeling. Was that an elbow? Was that a foot?Does she do full-body stretches just like her daddy? She is my beautiful little acrobat.

I picture what it will be like a few months from now when the three of us are waking up each morning. Paul will lift her from her bassinet and bring her to me so the three of us can snuggle for her morning feeding. I wonder how things will change in our morning routine. I wonder if morning will still be my favorite time of day. I wonder, I wonder. 

Although I love my morning routine, I’m looking forward to the many changes we will experience. Now that we have entered the third trimester, I am getting more and more impatient to be holding our sweet baby in my arms.

What is your morning routine? How did things change for you when your children were born?

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