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Beep beep

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We got some new wheels! Do I sound cool yet?

Yesterday, Paul and I bought our first car together. What a milestone! Even with the whole marriage thing and the kids thing and the fact that I am a doctor thing, this feels really adult-ish. (I know, logic is not my strong suit right now haha. I'm still on the test drive high.)

But after some research and a lot of talking, Paul and I decided that we needed a bigger car. We were not quite ready to go for that big "family" car yet, (I wanted a minivan and he rolls his eyes whenever I suggest it) but we wanted more leg room and more space for our growing fam (#twocarseatssoon). 

It's the fanciest/techiest car I've ever driven. I know a lot of high tech stuff is more standard now-a-days but we have been driving my trusty 2007 Corolla and the fanciest thing in that car is the 6 CD changer.

Our new ride has a back up camera (WHAT SORCERY IS THIS) and bluetooth (IS THIS REAL LIFE) and tinted windows (I'M EASILY IMPRESSED) and a touch screen (AM I DRIVING A PHONE) and a whole bunch of other cool stufffffff. 

Besides the techy stuff, it has incredibly high safety ratings and fantastic gas mileage so yay! 

I already programed my favorite classical music station so I'm ready to roll down my windows and take a ride with my homies. And by homies, I mean other people who drive the speed limit and listen to public radio. 

I know what you are thinking, calm your wild ways Samantha