When you live with someone for a while, you sometimes forget all the little quirks you have about yourself and those you live with. Everyone is pretty used to each other so those little idiosyncrasies about one another go unnoticed or, at least, we become desensitized to them. (Well, that is until you’re over-tired or over-worked or just had it up to here then all those traits about each other come screaming back and they suddenly become annoying, buuuut that’s a different story.)

It got me to thinking about my own quirks. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, good or bad, normal or not so normal, they just scream Samantha. So in honor of one of my favorite Instagram hashtags, here are some #Fridayintroductions, quirky edition.

I keep chapstick everywhere.

I have a designated chapstick for various areas of my house. There is one in my nightstand, by the front door in the key holder, in my bathroom, in my purse, at my desk, etc. Each one stays there and does not move. If the chapstick is not in its designated space, I get a little peeved. I am also good at using the entire chapstick to the end. Besides lipstick, I exclusively use the chapstick brand in SPF 15 — the little blue one. You know which one I’m talking about.

I hate water around the sink.

Whether it is droplets or pool. I hate water left around the sink - bathroom or kitchen. After doing dishes or washing my hands, I wipe down the counter. This serves two purposes - one, I avoid water spots which make the counter grimy and gross and two, I avoid getting my shirt soaked when I lean into the counter.

I have to fluff the pillows before bed/before sitting on the couch.

I am one of those people that needs to have a made bed BEFORE going to bed. I know it’s odd but I do the same thing for the couch. I make my bed every day then turn down the comforter before crawling in and I fluff up the couch cushions before sitting down. I used to have a lot more decorative throw pillows, but much to my chagrin I’ve compromised with my dear husband and limit the pillow number.

Sometimes I add an ice cube to red wine.

I love wine. I have favorite types and I have graduated from two buck chuck. A bottle of wine is definitely my go-to gift when I head to a dinner party or event. I have grape varieties I love and I’m always down for a good wine tasting. But I’m no wine snob. Sometimes I want an ice cube in my wine. Don’t @ me.

I unpack everything the second I get home from a trip.

I mean everything. I go on a frenzy and unload the car to get it back to pre-travel state (sans trash or fast food containers). I then unpack all the suit cases, put the dirty clothes in the hampers (sometimes even starting a load), and put the suitcases away. I just cannot stand the suitcases in a corner and I like everything put away. It helps me get back to real life and reset back to our normal routine. I have found it helps us avoid meltdowns (mine, not the kids).

Even when I have a list, I still go down every aisle in the grocery store.

I have been trying harder to make grocery lists and actually use it to do our shopping. It helps me avoid excessive impulse purchases when I’m hungry. BUT even then, I still go up and down every aisle at the store — Costco or Trader Joe’s, you name it. I just love looking at the new items or possible sales on foods or products we buy all the time. I call it a less extreme version of couponing, you know, without the actual coupons. Right now, I am obsessed with the Target app on my phone and scan all the barcodes of stuff we’re getting to see if there’s a deal.

What are your quirks? Drop them in the comments below and help me feel more normal, ha!