Theo at two months

I am wondering what life was like before this little butter ball came on to the scene because I can’t even remember. Well I can, but our family is absolutely bursting with love for this little boy. Theophilus is a treasure. Besides his screeching while having a diaper change, he’s a fairly content baby. In fact, he seems to thrive in the chaos. His older sister and brother run and scream and dance and sing all around him and he’s just happy with watching everything play out.

2 months 2.jpeg

Currently, we are on a family vacation in Lake Tahoe. Theo experienced his first snow fall yesterday and a few little flakes kissed his face and I felt like I was in a movie. I then put him out in a pile of snow to build a snowman but he was being lazy and just laid there. (JUST KIDDING, he made snow angels.)

He is a great eater. In fact, he eats around the clock. I wish he would space out his feedings at night so I can get a little sleep, but he loves his milkies. His squishy baby rolls are proof of his milk addiction. We’ll have his two-month check up when we return from our trip so I don’t exactly known his stats. Large and in charge is my guess.

I am planning on introducing some breastmilk in a bottle in the coming days because one) I need to be able to go back to work in January and two) it’s daddy’s turn for those night time feedings. My mom and dad bought me a new, fancier breast pump because I’ll be pumping at least five days per week when I return to work and I need to rely on my equipment.

Sleep is still inconsistent. He seems to prefer stomach sleeping but he sleeps best in our arms, go figure. I’ve been trying to experiment with different sleeping positions, swaddle types, pacifiers, and what not because I am determined to get this little boy to sleep somewhere else besides attached to the milk. I on-demand nursed both Emma and Henry their entire first year of life and while they slept well that way, I did not. I want to find something in the middle. If you have any sleep training tips, help a sister out.

We are approaching Theo’s first Christmas and I’m super emotional about this holiday season. Every time the kids do something sweet with the baby, I start to cry. I am just soaking it in. Can I get sappy with you for a min? I am in love with these kids — an all-consuming, heart-bursting, unfathomable love. I am eternally grateful for their existences.

I go back to work next month so we’ll spend this month just relishing the rhythm of this Advent and Christmas season, taking it one day at a time.

Emma at two months.
Henry at two months.