Elementary School



Emma started kindergarten today!

I’m still crying. I’ll probably still be crying tomorrow. And this whole week. If you need me, look for the tissue delivery truck and follow it.

We have been talking about her start day (<— today!!) this whole summer and a lot this past week. She had a few breakdowns thinking about it because she said she was nervous. But yesterday and this morning she was much more excited.

She picked out her backpack and matching lunch box and selected her first day of school dress. She wore press on earrings and cherry chapstick and she was ready to take on the world.

Emma humored me with a photo session this morning and she is just phenomenal and I love her so much.

During drop off, she was glued to my leg and teared up a bit while we were settling her into her classroom, but as we peered in, she was loosening up and attentively paying attention to her teacher. I am so proud of her. I went to the PTSA welcome breakfast and cried some more while the principal and president of the PTSA told us of what to expect this year and how we can get involved. IMMA SIGN UP FOR EVERYTHING.

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