Am I saying yes?

Am I saying yes?

This has been a crying week so far. I don’t know if it’s the post-travel blues or postpartum hormonal shifts or what, but I have been emotional the past few days. Do you ever have those days? You know, when everything just makes you cry (or sob uncontrollably).

Theo cooed and smiled at me. I cried. 
I watched the series finale of Once Upon A Time. I cried. 
I picked Emma and Henry up early from school and they were so happy to see me. I cried.
Dinner was ready and on the table for Paul when he got home after a stressful day at work. I cried.
I made a carrot cake (from the box) and it was so beautiful. I cried.

Lots of happy crying. 
But there was some of the other kind of crying too.

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