A Day In The Life {1 photo an hour}

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

9:18 am // Good morning! Looks like I fell asleep with my iPod again.image

10:05 am // Working on Tuesday’s post and sipping my morning coffee.image 

11:05 am // Doing the Blogilates beginner’s calendar day 1 and sweating my butt off.image

12:06 pm // REHYDRATING and eating lunch {frozen pizza because I’m out of groceries!}image

1:00 pm // Hmm, what to wear? {Also admiring my new Stitch Fix finds}.image

1:58 pm // Trader Joe’s run {and of course, a stop in the wine section}.image

3:14 pm // Afternoon tea, mmm {Today’s selection: jasmine green tea}.image

4:08 pm // A little {well-deserved} pampering.image

5:02 pm // A snack of figs, blue cheese, and balsamic glaze {and a glass of white, of course!}image

6:12 pm // Welcome home Paul! {I surprised him}image

7:04 pm // Game 6! This game was NUTS.image

8:03 pm // I love long summer days {and the lovely sky view from my apartment}.image

9:02 pm // STILL watching the game {Paul is quite engrossed}.image

10:05 pm // Watching The Voice finale {in my Christmas socks}.image

11:04 pm // A little bedtime reading, good night!image

This was a really fun photo project. I hope you enjoyed it.
Happy Wednesday everyone!

P.S. Did you see my blog makeover? I can’t seem to stick to anything too long.