A Few Silly Things I Wish Were Possible

Friday, 12 July 2013

Happy Friday everyone! My week was incredibly jam-packed. I had my periodontal surgery rotation and attempted to contact some of my patients to schedule exams and cleanings {basically I need to examine all of my new patients before starting a new treatment plan}. I don’t think that I was home before 6:45pm any day this week.


{However, I did manage to take a photo of these lovely blooms.}

I was having a conversation with Natalie {my friend and clinic partner} after a particularly interesting surgery and I mentioned that I wish I could download the exciting things that I saw and upload it to her brain. {And due to my incredibly jumpy imagination} this made me start to think about other silly things that I wish were possible. 

1 // {Selective} Telepathy. I wish that, at will, I could tell someone something through my mind {and vice versa}. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I can convey a lot of information to my closest friends with just a look, but it would be awesome to just say what I want to say without the possibility of anyone overhearing haha. 

2 // Starbucks delivery. I mean really, how hard is that concept Starbucks!? There is already a Starbucks on every corner, so why can’t there be baristas on rollerskates finding me and giving me my favorite beverage on command?? SIGH. 

3 // Smart House. Some of you may be too young to know what I’m talking about but I really wish I lived in a Smart House {before she went crazy}. Even if it only means that I never have to vacuum ever again. 

4 // “Unscented” products that are actually unscented. I have a very sensitive sniffer and I instantly get allergies if fragrances are too strong. So what is the solution? Unscented products, yay! Um, not so much. Most of the unscented stuff out there smells like a chemistry lab. I would almost rather have the assaulting orangey scented things. 

5 // Chair back forcefields. If only there were energy forcefields on the backs of our chairs so we couldn’t get kicked by movie theater patrons or wild flailing toddlers on the plane {it would prevent me turning around to glare at the parents who don’t tell their children to cut it out}.

Any who, what about you? What silly {or even non-silly} things do you wish were possible? Hopefully with the way technology is progressing, we may one day have a fully smart house or I would even settle for burgers that actually look like their advertisement counterparts. 


P.S. One of the residents had this adorable surgical dish and I just had to take a picture.