Obviously, my thoughts are very baby focused right now and most of my blog posts as of late have been very baby-centric. So I thought I would take a moment to talk about something else and share with you one of my favorite restaurants in San Francisco. 

Plow is a local breakfast and lunch place in the quiet neighborhood of Potrero Hill. It’s a small place with maybe 10 tables and a small counter but it is hugely popular and beloved. During peak brunch time, you can usually find yourself looking at a two-hour wait - but it is entirely worth it. I try to go right when the place opens to make sure I can get a seat. And although it’s very busy from open until close, you never feel pressured to rush your meal. I’ve spent many mornings and afternoons chatting with friends or enjoying a book and a cup of coffee. 

My favorite dish is called The Plow and it has a little bit of everything - eggs, bacon or sausage, {addicting} potatoes, and lemon ricotta pancakes. They only use local ingredients and everything is made fresh daily. You can count on the classics like corned beef and hash and also try new things like chia seed pudding. If you make it to SF, be sure to stop by this little gem. 

Excuse me while I go salivate.

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