On being grateful

Wednesday, 8 May 2013


Sometimes I find myself having a “woe is me” kind of attitude. It comes in waves depending on what is going on in my life, but I have to kick myself and remind myself to be grateful for the many blessings in my life. 

I think we all can get stuck on the negative and focus on the bad things. But we have to take time each day to think about what we are grateful for and remind ourselves that these are great days. 

This quote inspired me to write a about few things for which I am very grateful! 

1 // My husband. He is my true partner. I feel blessed to be married to my best friend and to be able to share my life with him. 

2 // My family. I have a wonderfully loving and supportive family. I am extremely grateful for my upbringing and the values instilled in me. 

3 // My friends. As I get older, I learn more about what is true friendship. These people know my heart and have my back. {Shout out to NATALIE! Her birthday is today!}

4 // My education. I have learned so much in my life and I feel that I will always have the drive to learn more and more! 

5 // My country. We have our issues, but truly am proud to be an American. 

6 // My health. I have a few {major and minor} health issues, but I am very grateful for the blessing of good health.

7 // My faith. I feel God’s love all around me and I feel Him in my heart. 

8 // Dessert! {This one is just for fun, but I really do love dessert and my days would be boring without some yummy sweets}. 

What are you grateful for?