On keeping it fresh & fun

Wednesday, 29 May 2013


I went to Trader Joe’s yesterday and ran into this amazing display of herbs and flowers. I cannot wait to have an herb garden one day {in the near future hopefully}.

Lately, I have been trying to focus on keeping things fresh and fun! Paul and I have been trying to play more games {if anyone wants to contribute to our board game fund, let me know}. We are also trying to cook more meals at home together using fresh ingredients. 

I feel like people get into this thought of “go big or go home”. I was that way for a while. I felt that if I couldn’t cook everything fresh or live completely organically, then I shouldn’t try at all. But I shouldn’t try to compare myself to others who have mastered completely organic and clean living. I do what I can and that’s good enough. If I can incorporate fresh ingredients {from a potted herb garden} with the easier pre-made or frozen components, then I am happy. 

Tonight, our dear friends Natalie and Josh are coming over for taco night! Enjoying an evening with friends, fresh food, and fun – is there anything better?

What do you do to keep things fresh and fun?