Q & A {part 2}

Friday, 9 August 2013

Hello lovely people! Can you believe that it is finally Friday?! This felt like an extremely slow week for me, what about you? I had a week filled with patients! I am feeling more and more comfortable performing exams, devising treatment plans, and treating periodontal {gum} conditions. Next week I have a lot of restorative work planned, wish me luck! {I’m kind of nervous}. 

I’ve been failing at answering your questions lately, I’m so sorry! So today, I’m writing another Q & A post based on some of the questions I’ve received lately. So here it goes! :]


Anonymous asked: 

Hi there, I just wanted to ask you a quick question about school. Do you think it’s better to save all your textbooks or sell them back to the bookstore? I’m a pre-dental student too so I’m mainly wondering if you used your old Biology, Chemistry, etc. textbooks to study for the DAT or if it would be wise to sell them back?”

I did not use any of my college text books to study for the DAT. There is SO much information that you need to learn/review for the DAT and for me it worked better to utilize DAT-specific study aids {Kaplan review books, Princeton Review, etc.}. I sold back all my college text books except my general biology book which had sentimental value {nerd alert haha!}. You are constantly buying new text books and trying to sell them back will help supplement the cost. {But don’t get me started on the repulsive mark up on text books}. 

Anonymous asked {in response to this post}: 

Speaking of your post about the new baby name… do you ever wonder what it would be like to have been born into a family of a Duke and Duchess? Like sometimes it doesn’t seem fair that some are born so privileged without having to work at it, but at the same time it’d prolly be awful to live in the public eye. What do you think of that and like how certain people are born into families that automatically makes them have easier lives?

I have never wondered what it would be like to be born into royalty. Mostly because I cannot conceptualize what it’s even really like because all I know is from the media. I have imagined what it would be like if I met one and befriended him/her. I’m sure it would be delightful. :]

And you’re right, there are two sides to this: privilege but no privacy. But I do definitely have a problem with the misuse of the words “fairness” and “equality”. I think people misuse these two words, when they have entirely different connotations. I do not think it’s either fair or unfair that people are born into privilege. That’s out of one’s control. But I do believe that people with power, money, influence, etc. have the responsibility to use their situation to better the lives of others. But this is true of everyone. We must help people in all walks of life, especially the helpless {children, the disadvantaged, animals, etc.}. I do experience jealousy at times, but I do not feel angry or dwell on the perceived “easier” lives of others. 

Anonymous asked: 

“What kind of residencies are you considering for dental school?”

That is a good question because I’m not even sure myself haha! I am very interested in general dentistry but also interested in orofacial pain {deals with head and neck disorders and the TMJ}. I am leaning towards taking a year-long residency in advanced general dentistry but I’m still deciding. I hope to gain more clarity as I progress through this year, work with patients on more general dentistry treatments, and go through all the specialty rotations first-hand. :]

I hope you enjoyed part 2 of my Q & A series. If you have any questions, feel free to stop by my ask box or shoot me an email. I always love your questions! 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! May it be filled with fun times and a little R & R.