Savor the Season: Farmer's Markets

Friday, 14 June 2013

I am a big fan of living seasonally. Throughout winter, I love to look at Christmas lights while singing carols. During autumn, I love to pick out pumpkins and and sip on pumpkin spice lattes. In spring, I love to make freshly-picked flower arrangements and take long walks. And all through summer, I love to visit local farmer’s markets and sample juicy peaches. I always enjoy the passing of another wonderful season into the next lovely time of year.

I love each season for different reasons. Summer is the season to let your hair down, go barefoot, and eat lots of watermelon. This summer I will be in clinic full-time so I won’t always get to enjoy the daily joys of summer time. But I love this season so much and I will make it my goal to capture every drop of summer that I can. 

The other day, I strolled around a local farmer’s market and I tried one of the sweetest peaches of my life. I also bought some fresh herbs to add to some new recipes that I’m trying. 



This summer, I plan to picnic in the grass, go to museums, walk along the pier, and eat lots of summer fruits. 

How do you savor the season?