Musings of an allergy victim

I am allergic to strawberries (and kiwi) and it got me to thinking…

Being deathly allergic to a food item is annoying. But what’s interesting is that it’s not the actual allergy that annoys me, but the way people respond to me when I tell them that I’m allergic to strawberries. 

The following are some of the most common reactions that I get: 

1. “Oh you’re allergic to strawberries?! That sucks, they are SO good!" 

Okay people, I understand that you think that strawberries are the fruit of the gods and that my life is somehow diminished because I cannot eat them without my throat closing up. PEOPLE, your enjoyment of strawberries in no way changes the fact that if I eat them I will be forced to jam a needle into my leg and pump myself with epinephrine. Let’s just move on and you can eat my share of the world’s strawberries. 


2. *While shoving a picture of a strawberry or a strawberry shaped item into my face* "OOOHHH are you scared!!!??" 

Again people, I am allergic to the chemicals in strawberries, not frightened at the sight of a picture of them. 


3. Me: *Looking at a homemade baked good* "Are there strawberries in this?”
Maker of the baked good: “Oh, I don’t think so.”

You don’t think so? Well I’m glad that your short term memory is good enough to know what ingredients you put in your food. I’ll just walk over here and enjoy myself. :[ (This item is more my own disappointment)


4. *Someone eating strawberries near me*
Me: “Would you mind not eating that near me? I’m allergic.”
Person: “Oh you’re allergic?” *CHOMP CHOMP* “How allergic?”
Me: “I will go into anaphylactic shock.”
Person: “Oh that sucks.” CHOMP CHOMP
Me: *thinking* “I’m glad your strawberry enjoyment means more to you than my life." 


And thus concludes my mini-rant of the day.
Back to your scheduled programing.