A Few Things I'm Not So Good At

Friday, 27 September 2013 

Happy Friday to one and all!! Can you believe it’s already Friday!? Thank God for my short school week. I needed to be eased back in.  

While I am very proud of my accomplishments and very thankful for my many blessings, there are some things in life that I am not so good at {a.k.a. things that I’m really bad at}. We all need little daily reminders of what makes us human - but to be honest, it’s kind of a beautiful thing.


So dum, da, da, da, I present to you

What I Am Bad At

1 // Bowling - while I’m an athletic person, I have never figured out bowling. No matter how hard I try, I cannot get the ball to do what I want. OH WELL, what can you do?

2 // Walking and doing anything at the same time - I have a really hard time with multitasking while walking. I usually have to stop to take a sip of coffee or get something out of my purse {otherwise it’s just a shit show}. Sorry to anyone out there that I’ve unceremoniously stopped in front of! 

3 // Dealing with hanger {anger + hunger} - I get really cranky and irrational when I’m hungry. Paul sometimes has to stop me in my tracks and tells me, “Um, you need to eat something.

4 // Not taking things personally - I have an outward confident demeanor but on the inside I am quite sensitive. My feelings are easily hurt and I often dwell on little comments and jabs people make. I have a hard time brushing off those things.

5 // Keeping plants alive - I seriously have a brown thumb. My mother is a garden goddess and I can’t even keep a succulent alive in my apartment. Maybe one day the green thumb gene will activate, but for now I will keep killing innocent potted plants. {I’m sorry plant world!}

We all have little insecurities - but that’s what makes us human. Whenever you start to get down on yourself, just remember that you are beautiful, smart, kind, and perfect just the way you are! 

What little quirks do you have? :]