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Friday, 26 July 2013

I just have to say, HAPPY FREAKING FRIDAY. Whew, I had a very busy week. Clinic is a whirlwind and there are no mellow moments. I am learning so much and I absolutely love working with patients. 

This is what I’m up to at the moment. 


My darling man and myself before our anniversary dinner of sushi, sake, and mochi ice cream. 

Celebrating // my wonderful and happy marriage. Things aren’t perfect, but we have such a strong and committed relationship that we can weather any storm and just dance in the rain. {Too cheesy?} 

Drinking // WINE. I’m telling you, a small glass of red at the end of the day is keeping me sane. What’s your favorite wine? 

Eating // lots of fruit. Watermelon is in season and I am eating it by the bucket full. I’m now a pro at slicing up a whole watermelon for easy-to-eat cubes. 

Planning // {well, treatment planning} a couple crowns! I have never done a crown preparation on a person yet, so this is exciting and terrifying all at the same time. 

Loving // all your questions in my ask box! I am compiling another Q & A post, so keep a look out for your questions. 

Wearing // business casual for clinic. I really enjoy putting together more professional outfits {you will probably find me in my signature look: dark wash skinny slacks, a flowy blouse, and ballet flats}. But I will probably resort to scrubs when I just can’t put an outfit together anymore. 

Fangirling // over the new royal baby and all of Kate’s perfection.

Watching // Downton Abbey Season 3. I finally got around to ordering the DVD off of amazon and I am OBSESSED with it {I guess I enjoy heartbreak}. I have bawled my eyes out ten thousand times. 

Happy Friday everyone! For all you San Franciscans, stay warm, and for everyone else in this country, stay cool. ;]


P.S. My birthday is tomorrow! Paul has planned something fun, but I am allowing him to surprise me. {For those of you who know me, I am horrible at allowing people to surprise me, so this is a big deal haha.}