What's in a name?

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Today, we learned the name of the new royal baby: George Alexander Louis. Whew, what name for a wee one! {Not that the new parents had many names to choose from.} 

It got me to thinking about names. I personally love my name. My first name fits me and I have every family member represented in the rest of my name - my mother’s maiden name, my father’s name, and my husband’s. Yeesh!

But what if you didn’t love your name, would you change it? Do you go by a nickname? Do you have a middle name? Do you want to keep, hyphenate, or change your name when you marry? Have you pulled a “Prince” and only go by a symbol? Do you ever notice how certain people’s names and personalities go together like PB&J? Or do you not care at all? 

Any who… 

I am completely overjoyed for the Duke and Duchess and their new little one. May they be happy and healthy. 



My goodness that is a precious family. 

Have a wonderful rest of your week everyone. Love, 


P.S. Paul and I had a wonderful anniversary yesterday. Here’s to many more years!