At the moment {v.9}

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Happy Wednesday my friends! I’m having blog layout A.D.D. What do you think of the newest design? I’m definitely digging it. 

Any who, this is what I’m up to at the moment. 

Missing // this little man. His name is Charles Melvin III, but we call him Charlie. I wish we could have pets in our apartment! I’m sure my mom would be more than happy to leave him with us. 

Eating // a ton of yogurt. I’m seriously craving yogurt lately. I’m loving dragon fruit greek yogurt - it’s in the go-gurt tubes! Childhood flash back! 

Drinking // lots of Simply raspberry lemonade. YUM. It’s so refreshing. *mouth watering* 

Wearing // Paul’s roomy t-shirts! They are the best for sleeping! It’s nice to wear a big, over-sized shirt after fitted business casual clothing all day. 

Watching // Master Chef. Seriously, this show is addicting. I want them all to feed me. But Krissy needs to go home.

Waiting // for Fall! I’m so excited for this Fall. I have always loved Autumn, but this year I’m especially looking forward to it. Bring on the pumpkin spice lattes! 

This week has been pretty mellow. I’m on rotation in Orthodontics and it’s very low key but super intriguing. The craniofacial and orthognathic cases are very interesting. Next week, I’m back in clinic and my whole week is booked solid. I better get some good sleep this weekend. 

What are you all up to at the moment?