On Being Ladylike

Tuesday, 20 August 2013 

Before I talk about what it means to me to be ladylike, I will tell you what I think does not make you ladylike. 

:: being a snob towards others
:: having a lot of money
:: acting superior towards others
:: being anti-feminist

{There, now that that’s out of the way.}

To me, being a woman means embracing the person you wish to be. A woman’s right to equality stems from the ability to make personal choices and to behave however she wishes. For me, I wish to be ladylike.


Being a lady is all about respect – respect for oneself and respect for others.

Ladylike behavior manifests itself in many ways, but I will highlight a few that mean the most to me. 

:: Be polite - say please, thank you, good morning, and good evening. 
:: Show gratitude - bring gifts for hosts, send thank you notes, call your loved ones on their birthdays and holidays.
:: Put others first - wait for everyone to be served before eating, be punctual, smile even when you don’t feel like it. 
:: Take your time - focus on your conversations, listen intently, and be present for others. 


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Of course, there are a few more external things that I feel add to a ladylike lifestyle. 

:: Always brush your teeth - that also means brush your hair, wear something you love, and greet the day. 
:: Offer to make the tea/coffee - enjoy playing the hostess and entertaining.
:: A little lipstick goes a long way. 
:: Keep it tailored - a polished look is always appreciated.

It’s not easy growing up a young lady. We often are bombarded with ideas of class that is just prejudice in disguise. Focus on being polite and living with a loving heart. Empower one another and stop shaming other women. We all have the right to make our own choices and behave just as we like. Ladies, you are beautiful, you are kind, and you are perfect the way you are. Embrace it. 

Do you consider yourself ladylike? Do you have any guidelines you follow for yourself?