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The seven blessings project

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Oh goodness, we all know that one person who can go on and on about all the negative things going on in his or her life {of course I’m talking about imagined woes and not actual hardships}. I, myself get into bad habits and start to harp on all the problems and miseries of my day. Well, I do not find that a particularly attractive quality in others and even more so, I really dislike it in myself.

I believe that we need to spend more time thinking about all the great things going on in our lives and the amazing people we share them with. I stumbled upon this quote that sums it up rather nicely.

I invite you all to participate in a little project with me - The Seven Blessings Project. Every week, count seven blessings in your life {one for each day of the week and because seven is such a magical number}. Write them down and reflect on them when life gets tough and you are feeling a little blue. They can be big or small or anything in between.

I will be sharing my Seven Blessings each week on Twitter and occasionally on my blog. I would love to hear what your blessings are too! Leave a comment of where I can find your blessings or use the hashtag “#7blessings” on Twitter or Instagram.

This week, my blessings are: 

1 :: My growing baby in my belly.

2 :: Living in a beautiful city.

3 :: Foot rubs from my husband. 

4 :: Frozen blueberry waffles from Trader Joe’s.

5 :: Text messages from my mom.

6 :: Flower arrangements.

7 :: New baby clothes.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!