Substance and Soul


MotherhoodSamantha WetterholmComment

Okay folks, I think it finally happened! I felt my little perfect bump move! *clouds parting, angels singing*

The past week or so I’ve been sitting each evening in silence trying to feel something. I haven’t really been certain of the little bubbles and what not I’ve been feeling. But yesterday morning, I was doing a really complicated filling for my patient and of course I was focusing on my work but then I felt this wave of butterflies. I sat bolt upright and was sure that was something real! 

I went to dinner with my good friend last night and I kept feeling these little butterflies and then this morning I felt them again. Now I’m certain that I really felt something. I described the feeling to my mom and she said, “yup, that’s your baby!”

It’s surreal, beautiful, amazing, and perfect.