Links I love {V.5}

If you follow me on Twitter, you may remember me mentioning that I re-organized my Pinterest page. It was quite the endeavor, I must say. I wanted to make sure that my pins truly reflected my interests and that they were as properly sourced as possible. I started with over 1.5k pins and now I’m down to about 500. It feels good to start fresh! 

This will be our first normal weekend at home in a while so I plan on doing some housework and some husband-wife bonding. This pregnancy has brought us even closer!

Here are some links from me to you to send you into the weekend!

1 // Breakfast is my second favorite meal of the day {followed closely by dessert} and bagels are my favorite breakfast food. This recipe for asiago cheese bagels looks delicious!

2 // THIS - 7 DOs and DON'Ts of Sharing Other People’s Babies on Social Media. I will be sharing this link with my family and friends.

3 // This Google Like A Bossinfographic is pretty awesome. 

4 // I’m a huge fan of simple recipes and these 10 Easy Homemade Soupsrecipes look both easy and tasty!

5 // This lovely look into Why an Organized Home Makes a Difference really speaks to me. 

Happy Friday everyone! What are your weekend plans?


I’d like to introduce you to my friend Brittney over at One & Twenty! She’s a great girl and I’ve loved getting to know her over the blogosphere. 

Originally from suburban Maryland, I got my first taste of the South when I attended Virginia Tech as an undergrad and haven’t looked back since! I currently live in Texas and am teaching English in the industrial district of Houston, but my dream is to give back to college students what my college gave me: an amazing sense of community. I actually haven’t blogged much about my dreams (probably because I am afraid that they somehow won’t come true), but I do enjoy sharing all of the other aspects of my life including travel, food, hair stuff, and achieving balance in life. The latter is my ultimate goal.

Fun facts about me: 

I am 4’10” and the quintessential Napoleon.

I cut my food with my right hand and eat with my left. If I don’t have anything to cut, I eat with my right. Apparently, that’s weird…

Since moving to Texas, I have become a Diet Dr. Pepper addict.

I put Valentina Hot Sauce on as many things as possible.

I like when people let me sit in their laps.

Scalp massages are THE best part of a full-body massage!

Thanks so much for sharing Brittney! Stop by her blog to learn more!