Links I love {V.6}

Happy, happy Friday to you all! This has been an exhausting week! The pregnancy fatigue has set in full force. I have a whole day at school ahead of me so I hope I do not fall asleep on my patient. 

I haven’t posted a Links I Love post in a quite while! I have been exploring Pinterest for recipes, infographics, and advice about pregnancy, labor, and my postpartum life. What did we do before Pinterest again?

1 :: I am obsessed with naked cakes. They are just so elegant and beautiful. When I start maternity leave, I’m going to try out a naked cake recipe like this Lavender and Lemon cake, I mean come on.

2 :: Speaking of beautiful things, I hope I can make it to one or more of these ultimate places to stargaze.

3 :: This infographic about the shelf life of food is going to come in handy one day, I’m sure of it.

4 :: This is one of the most comprehensive and complete guides to labor and delivery that I’ve come across so far. Breathe, this is really happening

5 :: Over the next few weeks, we will be packing our hospital bags for baby, Paul, and me. There are some very helpful ladies out there with their hospital bag packing lists {here, here, and here}.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Stay warm and dry!