My May Recap & A Jump Into June

Sunday, 2 June 2013

May has been a really exciting and challenging month. I learned a lot about what I want out of this blog and I am happy with the direction I’ve gone.

I talked about more serious topics like chronic illness and what it means to stay present in your life. I have shared some “How To” posts and you all seemed to really love my How to study post {yay! nerd party}. I opened up more about my daily life and I loved sharing my home and my favorite foods with you. And of course, I started a brand new chapter in my my dental school life with seeing my first patient and getting my business cards. My goal was to blog every day in May and I am completely tickled with the results. 

I have gained many new followers and I am SO appreciative. You all continue to ask great questions, show amazing support, and are inspirational to me.

Here’s to June!

June is a great month. It means that summer is finally here {my favorite season} and it means that July is close {my birthday and anniversary month}. The weather in the city has been surprisingly fantastic. Usually, SF takes June Gloom to a whole other level! This weekend is the first in a while that Paul and I have gotten to sleep in and just hang out. We have been quite the busy pair lately. Yesterday, we were able to get out to play some tennis. We are quite the tennis enthusiasts {we are watching Roger Federer play in the French Open as I type}. He has been playing for years and years and was #1 at our university. I played throughout high school and some college but stopped playing competitively to focus on school {and getting into dental school}. I still love to play for fun and Paul and I can get pretty competitive. 

There is a small, secluded court near our neighborhood and it was a perfect tennis day. 


His and hers :] {mine is the orange one with purple strings}


Yay tennis! {and welcome back funny tan lines and funny tennis ball pockets in tennis skirts}


The GORGEOUS view of the bay and the city from the courts. 

We are headed to my favorite brunch place soon and I’m sure you’ll see some Instagram pictures of my food {hehe}. 

Happy June to you all!