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Our Christmas traditions

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Everyone has their special Christmas traditions. I love having my own traditions from my family, I’ve enjoyed learning about Paul’s family traditions, and we have loved starting a few of our own traditions as well. I cannot wait to see how our traditions grow as our family grows. 

My family has a tradition of taking photos by the tree. I’m sure most people share that same tradition, but it’s wonderful to look back on years of photos to see how our family has grown.

Christmas 2012

My mother always writes a Christmas letter. She manages to write about an entire year on one page, I don’t know how she does it. I plan to start writing one of my own next year. 

Paul’s family gets doughnuts and pizza on Christmas Eve. They bust out the board games and it’s an amazing night. 

We always go to Christmas Eve mass. It’s one of my favorite services of the year. The church is filled with the beautiful spirit of Christmas.

We open presents on Christmas morning. We all get up, go downstairs in our PJs and enjoy a breakfast of coffee cake, bacon, and eggs. We open our stockings first then my sister and I give our gifts to our parents.

On Christmas night, we have a feast of crab legs for dinner. 

A few days before or after Christmas, we get together with my extended family and do a big gift exchange game with dice. It gets pretty competitive! There are usually a couple gifts that get fought over the most. It’s great fun!

Paul’s family makes pancakes and bacon Christmas morning, yum!

We love to buy Starbucks and go look at Christmas lights. There are some fantastic neighborhoods near my parent’s house. 

Paul and I are beginning to form our own traditions and next year, we will have our precious little baby with us.