Shut up and write

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Hello lovely people! Did you survive Friday the 13th? I’ve never been a particularly superstitious person. I do believe that what goes around comes around, but I don’t care too much about if a black cat crosses my path or if I spill the salt. I usually just think, “Hey, cute cat” or “Dang, I’m a klutz.”

On this lovely Saturday morning, I’m finally able to sit down with a cup of coffee and write. I’ve missed writing. The past two-ish weeks, I’ve either not had the energy to write a post or been way too busy. But yesterday was officially the end of my summer quarter and now I have some time to decompress and get back to my blog. I am officially half way through dental school, WHAT?! I’ve finished seven quarters and I have seven more to go. This has been an amazing/crazy/busy/hectic/wonderful ride. This past week, I’ve actually felt productive. I did seven fillings this week and my patients seemed very pleased with my work. After I finished with this one procedure, my patient told me that I seem very confident and comfortable in my work. That made me feel particularly warm and fuzzy inside because I really love what I do.


My mom’s students created this little booklet for me. So precious!

Today’s post is not about anything in particular. I just wanted to sit down and let the thoughts flow. Do you ever have those moments where your thoughts just spill out of you and you have the urge to write them down? I’ve never considered myself much of a writer and I’ve never been one to keep a journal, but I realized that’s exactly what my blog is – my own little writing and journaling avenue. And I’m very lucky to be able to share my head and heart with all you amazing people.

As you know, I love this time of year. My mom sent me a little Fall care package with some cute decorations and pumpkin spice M&Ms {um yum}. I always look forward to my seasonal care packages from my mom. She is is so thoughtful that way. We also finalized plans for my dad to come visit us in the end of October! I always miss my family, but during the approaching holiday season, I miss them just a little bit more. I hope, hope, hope that Paul and I can make it down for Thanksgiving this year. Thanksgiving is my mom’s holiday. She has really nailed this holiday. We have the whole extended family over at our house, give thanks, enjoy all the delicious food, and usually make it out to the park for football and tennis. What are some of the holiday traditions that you look forward to every year? I always look forward to leftover Thanksgiving sandwiches {reminds me of Ross’s moist maker Thanksgiving sandwich from Monica}. 


We all must remind ourselves to slow down this time of year. It’s about focusing on family and looking back on the year to give thanks to our many blessings.

Thanks for always allowing me to spill my thoughts out to you all. I’ve enjoyed getting back to some writing roots. I have about a week and a half off from school so I have some fun posts planned, stay tuned. 

Happy Saturday and many blessings to you and yours