Welcome to August and my July recap

Thursday, 1 August 2013


It’s August! I cannot believe how fast July went. We really zoomed through it and July was a really crazy month for me. 

// I started my 3rd year of dental school. Say what?? And we had our lovely clinic induction ceremony

// As stress builds with this new chapter in my education, I talked about how to deal with stress and knowing when to take it easy on yourself. We are really too hard on ourselves. 

// I wrote some silly posts about a few things I wish were possible and I talked about the royal baby and what’s all the fuss about names

// I celebrated both my 2nd wedding anniversary and my 24th birthday. I am one lucky gal. 

// I also started my half marathon training. I’m sore all over but I am looking forward to working up to my goals this year. See you at the finish line! 

July was amazing and hectic all rolled into one. I’m looking forward to August! I have some restorative work and crowns planned for some of my patients, yay! 

I’m looking forward to getting more comfortable in clinic and doing more procedures. I am also looking forward to Autumn approaching! Wee! {I will probably have an entire post dedicated to pumpkin flavored things}. 

How was your July? What are you looking forward to for August?