What's your signature drink?

Wednesday, 31 July 2013 

Say what?? July is almost over. It’s crazy how fast time flies. I just couldn’t wait for Thirsty Thursday, thus today’s post about drinking. More specifically, it’s about my signature drink. 


Every once in a while I’ll enjoy a good cocktail or a wheat beer with an orange slice, but I always go back to my favorite drink: wine. What kind of wine do you ask? Well all kinds, but I do have some favorites. The past 6 months, I’ve be enjoying a strong red, like cabernet sauvignon.


Trader Joe’s has a wide selection of wine. Impressive!

I also have some quirky rules about drinking and when I drink certain types of wine.

If it’s during the day, say before 12pm, I drink sparkling. Hello mimosas! Nothing says day drinking like a pitcher of mimosas with your girlfriends. If it’s before 3pm, I stick with white. I also prefer a white on a really hot day or at weddings/big social events. I tend to spill food/drinks/everything all over myself so white wine is a little harder to spot once I spill wine down my dress at a party. After 5pm, I go with red. This is usually when I’m having dinner with Paul or enjoying a night at a dimly lit restaurant. For me, red is much more luxurious and I just try to sip and enjoy it. 

This past year, I have really developed a taste for specific grapes and brands, and I’m enjoying discovering what I like. 

Also, I love that now that I’m “growing up”, wine is a very appropriate gift to give to others {and I always enjoy receiving it, bottoms up!}.

What is your signature drink?