At the moment {V.13}

Happy February! This is one of my favorite months of the year! I am unabashedly obsessed with the month of love. I love that hearts are everywhere, I love that people just love to give candy to one another, and I love how romantic people seem to be. Call me cheesy, but I can’t deny how much I love LOVE. 

Here is what I’m up to at the moment. 

DRINKING // Delicious espresso beverages with my new Nespresso. It’s heaven in a glass. 

EATING // A whole lot of everything. My appetite has definitely increased lately.

BUILDING // Furniture for the baby stuff. We don’t have a lot of room in our one bedroom so we are making it work with a few new items. 

MAKING // My Project Life scrapbook. I love the way it’s coming together so far. 

WEARING // Maternity clothes and yoga pants. I REALLY don’t like anything pressing on my pelvic region. 

READING // Fit Pregnancy and a lot of mommy blogs. You gals are fantastic with all your information. 

LOVING // My wonderful friends and family who are so caring and supportive. 

ANTICIPATING // My first baby shower next Saturday! I don’t know what to expect but I’m so excited for it. 

Paul says he’s planning something special for Valentine’s Day in a couple of weeks. I wonder what it will be! 

Happy Superbowl weekend! I mostly just watch for the food and commercials. ;] 

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