My favorite movies

I know, this post is NOT about Emma.

GASP! Children crying in the distance. Glass shattering.

(If you are all about Emma these days, then I will see you later. If you need a little mom blog palate cleansing, then this post is for you.)

Calm down, we will be back to our regularly scheduled Emma spam tomorrow I'm sure. Or will we...?

J to the K.

The other night, Paul and I had a rare evening where Emma (oh, we are back to Emma? that was quick) was fast asleep and we could sit down and watch a movie together. A rarity!

We turned on the netflix and put on Forrest Gump. I laughed, I cried, it made me remember how much I loved that movie. Which got me to thinking about my favorite movies, which got me to thinking, hey blog post, because mom's gotta blog.

So here are five of my favorite movies and a little bit on why they are my favorites.

Show tunes are my life's blood, my friends. I have my parents to thank for that one. I cannot a remember a period of my life where I was NOT watching some sort of musical (video, theater, etc). I even auditioned for a musical at a local theater when I was a youth but I realized that it was not my calling and I will stick to dentistry.

This is an absolute classic. I know all the songs and dialogue by heart. If you have not seen it, you need to. Howard Keel is a hunk.

Dorcas: Which of the boys slept in this bed, do you suppose? 
Liza: Dorcas Galen!
Dorcas: What's the matter? Haven't you ever thought about that? That you're sleeping in one of their beds?


Movie 2 .jpg

I cry every time. But it also makes me happier than many other movies. Tom Hanks is a treasure and I think of Bubba every time I eat shrimp. My heart absolutely aches when Forrest meets his son for the first time and wonders if he is smart or... 

WAHHHH. Forrest, right in the feels.

Forrest: Some people don't think miracles happen, well, they do.

You said it Forrest.

Oh another musical? Well, duh. This one has a very special place in my heart. My dad and I share a love of this movie. We have home videos (on actual VHS tapes) of us singing songs from this movie. This was also one of the first movies I shared with Emma. She watched about 5 minutes of it, so only 3 more hours to go and she'll be hooked, I'm sure.

I am always inspired by this story. Yes, I do not have to worry about World War II regimes right now in my life, but the themes are universal. Struggling to find one's calling, not knowing where you fit in, maintaining your principles in the face of adversity, putting love and family above all else, disappointed young love, but triumphant second chances, the list goes on and on.

Captain von Trapp: It's the dress. You'll have to put on another one before you meet the children.
Maria: But I don't have another one. When we entered the abbey our worldly clothes were given to the poor. 
Captain von Trapp: What about this one?
Maria: The poor didn't want this one.

Girl, you sassy.

I unapologetically adore this movie. I always get a little defensive when people say snarky things like, "they could have both fit on the raft". THAT WAS NOT THE POINT. </end rant> There are so many reasons to love this movie. Again, all about those universal themes. She was suffocating and he came on the scene. It was not even about him saving her. She saved herself. Her heart will go on. 

Cheese is my name. 

Rose: I believe you are blushing, Mr. Big Artiste. I can't imagine Monsieur Monet blushing. 
Jack: He does landscapes.

I was not allowed to watch that part until I was much older.

Juliette and Johnny have some of the best on-screen chemistry I have ever seen. I don't remember where or when I first came across this film, but it has stuck in my head ever since. I re-watch it at least once a month. Plus, it always makes me want a hot coco. The score for this movie is still one of the best scores I have ever heard, by far. I am always fascinated at the colors of the film and the contrast of the drab town and Vianne's vibrancy. If you have never seen it, it is now on Netflix. OH YEAH. 

Roux: I should probably warn ya: you make friends with us, you make enemies with everyone else.
Vianne Rocher: Is that a promise? 
Roux: It's a guarantee.

And now I'm hungry. 

Well if you managed to get through this novella, I am proud of you.

What are your favorite movies? Did any of yours make this list?

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