Do you know the muffin woman?

Alternative title: Adventures at Costco 

We did a little weekend trip to Costco this past weekend because we like (we like) to party. Emma insists on using an inordinate number of diapers, so off to restocking we went. (That's what I like to tell myself, however I am certain Paul and I wanted to go to Costco just for the free samples.)

Emma be like, "I'll drive." 

Thanks, peach.

Side note: She was INSISTENT on wearing her backpack all day long and death to all moms if I dared take it off, so to Costco the backpack went.

Our Costco trips usually proceed thus so...

Attempt to park.
Honk at wreckless folks on cellphones (seriously??!).
Find spot.
Grab cart.
Strap tiny human in.
Search frantically for Costco card.
Find said card.
Enter Costco.
Mull over all products and rationalize why we definitely need a new 100-inch television, four-karat diamond, three-pack of new travel coffee mugs, bamboo bathrobes, 20 pounds of salmon, and a lifetime supply of cheese puffs.
Battle checkout lines.
Glare at attempts of cutting.
Debate getting the hotdog/soda combo.
Sigh at the Amex bill the next month.

This particular Costco trip gave us some extra laughs.

Our eyes widened at the muffin display and, OH LOOK, a dozen muffins for really cheap?!? I am sold. We debated for a solid two minutes on flavors and went with blueberry and double chocolate. We let Emma hold on to one of the six packs...

Hmmm, why is there suddenly a hole in the plastic wrap. Hmmm... 

A head scratcher.

The muffin woman had unceremoniously gnawed through the plastic to the gift with purchase/holy grail. 

We have a thief in our midst.

Oh sweet baby puppies...what is that glorious, fluffy mountain of carbohydrates I have stumbled upon? How did it end up in my hands? Oh mother, there you are, I have no idea how that happened. 

I guess we'll never know.

She went back for seconds, thirds, and fourteenths.

Emma be like, "you're going to have to pry it out of my cold, dead hands".

We stood there, completely awestruck. If carb-loving is wrong, us Wetterholms don't want to be right!

Of course, she needed to wash down that type 2 diabetes-inducer with milk.

Got muffins?